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Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook

Past Board Chairs

Barbara Cook, recently deceased, had worked as a tireless and most generous volunteer in Nepal for almost 20 years, working on behalf of disenfranchised women and children.Barbara helped found Educate the Children (ETC), an INGO committed to a community approach toward education for under-privileged children and their families.

A Nepali-trained silversmith by trade, she gave back to that society by supporting local Nepali crafts workers and promoting their work in the U.S. Barbara continued to support traditional crafts by encouraging local craftsmen. She co-founded the School for Himalayan Traditional Arts, a school for talented artisans, so that the craftsmen would be encouraged to remain in their country.

Barbara divided her time between Nepal, where she designed and produced much of her jewelry, and North Carolina, where she had a Nepali-style home to showcase the work of the Nepali artisans.

She is greatly missed by all her firiends and colleagues at Global Family Village in the US and Nepal.